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About Us

Justin F. Moskos

Justin is a local creative filmmaker born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina.


He earned his Associate's Degree in Film Production at Trident Technical College. While attending school, he practiced and honed the craft of producing, shooting, editing, and directing by creating a handful of short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials.


Justin has also worked in various positions in the film industry on many of the Hollywood Productions that have come to Charleston. He has also worked under many of the local production companies in Charleston. 


With an eye for the technical side of production, Justin has spent years shooting video content as a freelancer, learning the art of capturing stories through the camera lens. Through state-of-the-art video equipment, cinematic lighting, and the ability to craft and manipulate the image to better serve your story, Justin knows how to achieve the best image possible for your cinematic video. 

Josiah Rachell

Josiah is a filmmaker based in Charleston, South Carolina.


For the past four years, he has been directing and producing indie films and commercials, with a focus on making high quality content through high production value, vigorous storytelling, and creative editing. 


Josiah grew up in Los Angeles, California. He discovered his interest in filmmaking through creating Bible study videos for his father. This is where his passion for filmmaking began. After moving to Charleston, he decided to make his passion for filmmaking his career. He graduated with an Associate's Degree from Trident Technical College.


  Josiah's short films and commercials, with an emphasis on directing, writing, and producing, have been selected in several film festivals. His goal with every project is to create humane stories that connect with people on a deeply profound and emotional level.

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